SIMPeds 3-Day Comprehensive Instructor Training Workshop for Pediatric/Perinatal Simulation Faculty June 5-8, 2017.


Immediately following the Boston-hosted IPSSW conference, Boston Children’s Hospital SIMPeds will offer the 3-Day Instructor Workshop (June 5-7) with an optional 1-Day High Signal Course (June 8).

In its 11th successful year, the Boston Children’s Hospital Simulator
Program 3-Day Pediatric Simulation Instructors’ Course has trained thousands of international subspecialists in the art and science of simulation and debriefing applied to pediatric/neonatal medicine and surgery. Course builds from the ‘ground up’ beginning with a deep dive into the principles of adult learning theory applied to simulation-based education in order to provide a framework to optimally leverage pediatric simulation as a wide and robust teaching tool.

The 3-Day Course covers curriculum development, scenario design, adult learning theories, instruction on facilitated debriefing, and several hands-on experiences.  Those who complete the course are ready to develop, deliver and debrief (or partner to debrief) their own “Zone 3” simulation courses.  Zone 3 courses focus on team training, team and system development, and change/innovation.

The 1-Day “High Signal” Course for instructors focuses on teaching foundational clinical skillsets using simulation.  The course focuses on 1. creating specific learning objectives with measurable outcomes, 2. building scenarios and skills sessions that prompt key learning objectives, 3. using clear communication with the simulator technical specialists to optimize experiential learning and 4. choosing the appropriate debriefing strategy based on learning expertise, type of session, objectives, and time allotted.

If you are a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, nurse, or pharmacist interested in learning to facilitate or create a simulation course or program, please contact to register.
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