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CRICO OR Team Training: Ortho Surgery

Background:The leading cause of errors in hospitals and in the operating room (OR) result from communication and teamwork failures. Only recently has medical education considered the role of these issues in such errors.  SimPeds partnered with RMF CRICO to develop a simulation-based team-training program for its surgical teams as part of a Harvard-wide effort.  This surgical team-training course leverages the inherent on-site nature of SimPeds to allow native surgical teams to practice crisis resource management and teamwork in their own operating rooms. Established in 2010, The RMF CRICO Surgical Team Training Course in Orthopedics was developed to teach trainees how to improve human factor performance in the OR.

Format: 5 hour team training course

Venue: ICU Based Simulation Suite, Operating Room (in-situ)

Frequency: 2-3 times per year

Participants: Native Orthopedic Surgery team: 2 Orthopedic Surgery Attendings, 1 Orthopedic Surgery Fellow/Resident, 1 Anesthesia Attending, 1 Anesthesia Fellow/Resident/CRNA, Operating Room RNs, Clinical Assistants.

Expertise Level: Intermediate- Expert

Course Leaders: Travis Matheney, MD,  Andres Navedo, MD, Kerri Cerato, RN, Eileen Coyle, RN



  • This multidisciplinary team is confronted with time sensitive clinical crises that challenge their decision-making and organizational skills.  Scenarios encompass challenges faced outside the OR as well as in the surgical setting.
  • Utilizing multiple formats including games, lectures, videos, clinical simulations and post simulation debriefings the course provides an experiential learning environment for acquisition of CRM skills and gaining experience in managing low frequency, high acuity clinical events.
  • Learning objectives focus on participants practicing effective communication during acute critical events, speaking up in the operating room and use of the surgical checklist.


Andres Navedo
Eileen Coyle
Kerri Cerato
Travis Matheney
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