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Debriefing Refresher Course (TR.7101.SP)

Next Course Wednesday September 17, 2014 9a-4p


Description: Debriefing is a learned technique that requires reinforcement and ongoing practice. In order to ensure quality debriefings and provide an ongoing support system for all trained facilitators, we have designed a refresher course in debriefing technique to build on your prior experience. We promise the course will be interactive, enjoyable, and informative. The course will provide the opportunity to practice debriefing among your peers and feedback will be emphasized.

Format: 7 hours

Venue: Farley 325

Frequency: 1-3 times/year

Prerequisites: Must have taken SIMPeds 3-day instructor course

Expertise Level: Advanced

Course Leaders: Catherine Allan, MD, Parson Hicks, EdM, MT


  • The Mechanism: Debriefing from A to Z
  • The Molecule: From Observation to Solutions
  • The Method: Advocacy-Inquiry


  • Break-down and illustrate self-preparation measures required to run a CRM simulation-based course
  • Interpret and construct full debriefing molecule
  • Formulate and apply the advocacy-inquiry method


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