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SIMPeds Multi-day SIM Instructor Training for Busy Clinicians (TR.9001.SP)

Background: A multi-day comprehensive instructor training workshop for pediatric/perinatal simulation faculty. Since 2002, the Boston Children’s Hospital Simulator Program (SIMPeds) has focused on making simulation- based education work for busy practitioners at busy academic hospitals. The center operates as an on-site hospital-based “post-graduate university” for all disciplines across the entire expertise gradient, engaging 26 departments and divisions in >80 component programs. The instructor workshop trains busy clinicians to deliver simulations in their busy environments.

Format: 3 days from 8am-5pm

Venue: ICU Based Simulation Suite

Frequency: 2 times per year

Participants: Busy clinicians

Expertise Level: Novice- expert

Course Leaders: Peter Weinstock MD, PhD, Catherine Allan MD, Christopher Roussin, PhD



  • Comprehensive and interactive three day course covering major aspects of pediatric/perinatal simulation
  • Bridges theory to application: Practical approach to rapid upstart of high quality simulation curricula
  • Interdisciplinary instructional training in pediatric simulation and debriefing for novice through expert faculty
  • Step-by-Step methodologies and debriefing resources adapted to busy practitioners

Upcoming Course dates:

October 6-8, 2015

May 3-5, 2016

Sept 27-29, 2016

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