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SIMPeds Research Core Workshop Series

Background: The primary goal of this series is to develop a general understanding and gain specific skills to plan, conduct and communicate simulation related research projects. The activities embedded in each of the workshops will build upon each other, thus we strongly recommend attending as many as possible. The workshops will be a mix of lectures, hands-on exercises, group discussions, and 1-on-1 or small group mentorship activities. At the end of the series, participants should have developed all of the elements of a research study (research question, study design, data collection and analysis details) and will walk away form the series with a well-defined project.

Upon completion of the 7 workshops you will be able to:

  • Generate a research question and ensure a balance between education practice driven question with a strong local impact and theory driven question with a potential global impact.
  • Place the question on a continuum of scholarship from simulation program development and evaluation, to research leading to the generation of best simulation strategies, to implementation.
  • Link the research question to appropriate research paradigm (program evaluation, qualitative vs. quantitative research etc.) and identify the most appropriate design.
  • Generate the data collection and analysis plan.
  • Become familiar with strategies to increase the likelihood of attracting funding and acceptance of abstracts and manuscripts for dissemination.

Format: 4-hours
 per workshop

Venue: Fenway Conference Room, 342 Longwood Avenue

Frequency: Approximately every 6 weeks

Participants: Open to all SIMPeds members

Expertise Level: Intermediate

Course Leaders: Adam Dubrowski, Parson Hicks


Adam Dubrowski
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