Reimagining SIM Delivery During COVID-19

Reopening BCH to trainees, new staff and other learners will require education and training mechanisms sensitive to PPE limitations and social distancing.

In response to COVID, the BCH Simulator program has developed a comprehensive plan adapting simulation methodology to a “SIM Toolkit” containing a spectrum of safe, scalable and effective formats as well as a rigorous space safety protocol. The SIM Toolkit allows for training across expertise gradients from concepts, to skills, to team behaviors for interdisciplinary audiences (SIMZones) through combination of “on-line” and “on-site” experiences.

The SIMPeds Headquarters at the Center for Life Sciences Building (CLSB) as well as SIMNodes on Farley 5 and OR Main 3, are unique and timely BCH training resources providing “Virtual Hospital” environments, with controllable, safe spaces for training without risk to/from the patient care environment.

Session can be designed, created and implemented within 1-3 weeks on average, subject to complexity.



For more information or to start a course contact:


Applies to all SIM Spaces including HQ, SIMNodes (Farley 5, OR, ICU).

To participate in on-site activities, individuals must:

  1. Be symptom free with regard to BCH Guidelines including without cough, fever, feeling unwell.
  2. Wash/Purell hands upon entering/exiting SIMPeds Headquarters and SIM Suites
  3. Wash/Purell hands upon entering any new room (e.g. room, conference room)
  4. Wear ear loop masks, in compliance with BCH-wide policy, throughout the session.
  5. Maintain distancing when not involved in simulated clinical care delivery (e.g. during debriefings).


  1. Groups will be limited to <10 per room.
  2. As per routine, technical staff will avoid being in rooms when participants are present.
  3. To conserve hospital supplies, simulated PPE (“sN95”, “sShield”) are used (to be worn on top ofmandatory loop surgical mask)
  4. SIMPeds staff clean all manikins, equipment and surfaces before and between eachsimulation activity.

For more information or to start a course contact: