Gap Year/Externships

SIMPeds Post-Graduate Fellowship in Simulation Technology


Candidate Requirements

College graduate interested in gaining exposure to the healthcare field prior to commencing his or her career in medicine



1-2 year simulation specialist position with focus on clinical environment by preparing and running simulation sessions held both in the on-site simulator suite and in-situ in various divisions and departments of BCH. In his/her role as a SIMPeds technician, the simulation specialist is exposed to the daily duties of both junior and senior clinicians. He is able to observe medical procedures carried out during simulations as well as the group dynamics displayed by medical teams. By setting up for simulation courses, the technician becomes familiar with medical equipment and terminology, which benefits him in his journey through medical school. Past SIMPeds post-graduate simulation specialists have gone on to be accepted into Harvard Medical School and Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College.


Goals and Objectives

Prepare post-graduates for medical school


Application Process

Please send your resume and cover letter to the SIMPeds manager at the address below.

Lauren Barrett
Boston Children’s Hospital
300 Longwood Ave, Bader 634
Boston, MA 02115
(P) 617-355-5372
(F) 617-730-0453