Visits & Internships

Program: BCHSP Summer Internships in Pediatric Simulation

Candidate Requirements: Current high school and college students interested in broad exposure to medicine through simulation-based medical education

Background:  Each summer the CHBSP hosts 2-3 high school students with aspirations in medicine/healthcare and who express an interest in medical simulation.  The 4-6 week CHBSP Summer Internship Program introduces students to the complete workings of a hospital-based simulator program and provides a unique view into the healthcare system through medial simulation. Past CHBSP Summer Interns have gone on to college to study healthcare-related fields at Boston University, Dartmouth, and other top-rated universities.


  1. To gain exposure to and experience using high-fidelity simulation as a tool for healthcare education

  2. To understand practical aspects of and to provide administrative support for running a simulation center

  3. To provide opportunities to survey and reflect on various healthcare career options through shadowing clinicians in their native environments.

  4. To understand the principles of Crisis Resource Management and the methodology of debriefing.

Application Process:

Please send your application with your resume and cover letter to Sujin Park.

BCHSP International Fellowship in Pediatric Simulation

Candidate Requirements: Post-graduate multidisciplinary staff with interest/experience in simulation-based education applied to hospital setting including:

  •       – Nursing
  •       – Physicians (fellow through senior attending/consultant)
  •       – Allied Health Care

Background: 6-week* fellowship program provides a robust and comprehensive experience in all aspects of pediatric simulation including curriculum and scenario development, technical skills, mannequin manipulation and administrative support.  Fellowship time frame and elements are adapted to the needs and experience of the candidate with 6 week minimum exposure.

Application Process:

Please send your resume and cover letter to Sujin Park.