SIMPeds SIM Test Division

SIMPeds SIM Test Division focuses and enhances safety through engagement of SIM Technology as “crash test dummies” for the full range of hospital activities, policies, procedures environments and facilities.

SIM Test assists in safe iteration, vetting and identification of best approaches and remediation of latent safety threats prior to any ill effects or harm to children.

SIM Test activities are divided into three core STEPS encompassing the life of any hospital resource/facility/element:


STEP 1: Pre-adoption/construction

SIMs to assess and test feasibility, logistics and best, safest, most economical approach to optimize form-function prior to adoption/construction.

STEP 2: Post-adoption/construction

SIMs to safely introduce new policies, facilities to BCH staff/teams by engaging in highly realistic simulations prior arrival/movement of actual patients.

STEP 3: Ongoing Surveillance

Ongoing interval SIM testing and evaluation throughout the life of a facilities, policy, elements to insure ongoing safe use.