About SIM Nursing

MSICU-orientation-photo_248x265Boston Children’s Hospital Nursing has been at the forefront of simulation-based training and education since its inception at BCH in 2001, continuously comprising at least 50% of SIMPeds usage.  >X nurse educators from >X divisions/departments employ the full gamut of SIM applications to develop state of the art training experiences for individual through team-based learning. Skills-based programs on the in-patient, acute care and ICU environments address both basic and advanced nurse competencies, new hire orientation programs, ongoing professional development, new device in-servicing, and annual review applied across the expertise gradient. BCH Nurses from throughout medical and surgical subspecialities participate and serve as SIM faculty leads on a diverse set of team training experiences amounting to >15 individual crisis resource management courses such as Cardiology, Critical Care, OR/Surgical Specialities, Medicine, Neonatology, Radiology and more.