About SIM Surgery

The Boston Children’s Hospital Department of General Surgery represents anesthesia_block1_248x265one of the earliest adopters of simulation-based education and training at Children’s.  Over the past 10 years, surgeons at Children’s have developed and participated in courses covering basic and advanced technical skills such as ECMO, as well as  ICU and OR team training.  Collaborating with SIM Emergency Medicine, the program has developed one of the oldest and most successful SIM-based pediatric trauma team training programs in the country.

Participants in SIM Surgery range from  rotating surgical residents to pediatric surgery and pediatric surgical critical care fellows to active involvement by the Department’s most senior staff — all with a focus on intimately connecting training and preparedness to delivery of the highest quality care possible to surgical patients.

The Department has been instrumental in the development of one of the first OR-based Procedural Simulation Suites in pediatrics,  located directly within the OR environment itself, allowing “just in time” training so surgeons can pivot from SIM tune up on virtual reality and 3D printed models to performance, all with minimal interruption to work flow.