About SIM Cardiovascular

CT_Surgery_248x265The Boston Children’s Hospital Departments of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery represent some of the earliest adopters of simulation-technology for patient safety at Boston Children’s, as early as 2001.

The Departments have grown from single ‘mock-code’ courses to a comprehensive portfolio of simulation curricula applied to the field of pediatric cardiovascular medicine. Courses cover the gamut from clinical skills, relational training, to full team training in native environments including the units, ORs, clinics and catheterization labs. Simulations include high tech-high touch such as engineered ECMO trainers, VR catheterization simulators and VR echocardiography. The extensive course list tailors for individual sub-specialties, with wide representation from nursing as well as ECMO, and perfusion.  Given their history, the Departments have more broadly contributed to SIMPeds Programmatic growth at multiple levels.