About SIM Critical Care Medicine

MSICU_248x265The Boston Children’s Hospital Division of Critical Care Medicine was the very birthplace of simulation at Children’s and has a long history of innovation in the field.

The first simulator was brought on-site in 2001 by Division Chief, Dr. Jeffrey Burns and Dr. Patty Hickey, and the Division has been innovating around industry-based ‘disruptive technologies’ applied to pediatric health care ever since.  Critical Care simulation at Boston Children’s currently includes a wide range of experiences across the entire expertise gradient from medical and nursing students, comprehensive new hire orientation programs, through the most senior critical care clinicians participating in high stakes team training events.  Breaking the glass ceiling on tech-based pedagogy to pediatric health care, the division has partnered with IBM in developing OPENPediatrics, an e-based platform for world-sharing of pediatric know-how through social networking and virtual reality simulation.