About SIM Medicine

scuch_teaching_184x265The Boston Children’s Hospital Department of General Pediatrics  has utilized simulation-based techniques to enhance resident eduction and training for over a decade.

In light of important restructurings of health care training including work hour restrictions as well as societal expectations for more senior level involvement at the bedside, simulation has formed an important element of training allowing all core competencies to be experienced, practiced and rehearsed in safe, structured environments.  In this way, deliberative practice opportunities allow BCRP Residents to experience an “apprenticeship 2.0  model” — namely, “see one, simulate one (and simulate again until you feel comfortable), do one, teach one (in the simulator, then at the bedside)”.  The Department also provides all Harvard medical students a simulation experience emphasizing the “patient-doctor-caregiver” triad though the recreation of realistic physiologic scenarios complimented by the use of professional actors in the roles of caregivers/parents.