About SIM Neonatology

babycribvitals_248x265The Boston Children’s Hospital Division of Newborn Medicine has been at the forefront of simulation focused neonatal/perinatal patient safety since launch of its first course in 2007.

The Neonatal Sim Team has developed a vast array of curricula delivered not only locally but also outside of BCH campus in support of the BCH Simulation Network.  Starting with a strong crisis resource management (CRM)/team training Program in 2007, the Neonatal Sim Team has since developed a full portfolio of 5 courses for all levels of caregivers – from innovative skills training programs spanning basic skills to advanced dialysis technical training, to full team training programs of native teams, on-site in BCH simulation nodes.  Additionally, the team has pursued research in simulation-based Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) integration as well as transition of family to home via simulation-based exercises for parents.