About SIM Orthopedics

IMG_2698_248x265The Boston Children’s Hospital Department of Orthopaedic Surgery is pushing the boundaries of simulation applied to pediatric orthopedic surgery, both in the acquisition and mastery of technical skills as well as in the development of high functioning, well-orchestrated teams.

SIM Orthopedics has put simulation to work at every level. Through SIMPeds3D Print, surgeons are generating intricate models of real patients to define pathoanatomy, plan surgical approaches, and rehearse deformity correction. Through the work of Dr. Donald S. Bae, the program has developed a dedicated Pediatric Orthopedic Simulation Curriculum, covering basic and advanced procedures, ranging from cast application to fracture surgery to arthroscopic surgery. A number of innovative models have been created to support these efforts, including a novel cast trainer which allows for real-time temperature monitoring to train away thermal injury and cast saw burns. These programs train both BCH staff locally, as well as attract surgeons on a national level. To complete the portfolio,  since 2010, under the leadership of Dr. Travis Matheney, SIM Orthopedics has engaged native OR teams in highly realistic team training within the native BCH OR environment to optimize safety and outcomes for their patients. Additionally, the course has included the development of novel authentic fully operable orthopedic skills trainers to fully engage the surgeons and team members.