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Beverly ED Team Training Course

Background: The Network In-Situ Simulation Program was created to provide education and improve care of pediatric patients being treated by the staff in the Boston Children’s Hospital Affiliated Community of Care Network. The program utilizes the principles of simulation and crisis resource management developed by the Simulation Program. These principles are formatted for affiliated community hospitals and are presented as scenarios to take place in the patient case setting at those facilities to provide a realistic experience of caring for a critically ill pediatric patient.

Format: 4-hour course consisting introductory and team building activities followed by 3-4 clinical scenarios and debriefing sessions

Venue: Network hospital emergency departments, pediatric inpatient units, and nurseries/NICUs

Frequency: Quarterly

Participants: Physicians, nurses, and all other clinicians involved in the care of a sick infant or child

Expertise Level:  All

Course Leaders: Boston Children’s Hospital Simulator Program faculty with simulation trained Network Hospital Faculty


  • Sessions take place in the patient care environment with the actual clinical team
  • Scenarios mimic the challenges seen in the community hospital setting and conclude with a guided debriefing
  • Focus on safety and communication as key pillars to clinical practice
  • Promotion of open discussion and development of critical thinking skills
  • Review and instruction in specific clinical skills and procedures guided by expert clinical leaders
  • Empowerment of staff at all levels to become active members of the care team


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