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Background: The majority of acutely ill children are cared for by Emergency Medicine (EM) trained providers. However, there are limited opportunities for Emergency Medicine residents to practice pediatric resuscitation in the Emergency Department at Boston Children’s Hospital. Compared to adult medicine, there is a relative lack of critically ill children.  In addition there is a surplus of medical trainees who want to manage such patients.  Simulation provides an opportunity to educate the adult learner in a controlled setting with specific learning objectives.


Format: 3 hour course
Venue: ICU-Based Simulation Suite and Unit-Based Simulation Suite (ICU-Sim and UB-Sim)
Frequency: 5 times per year
Participants: Pediatric Emergency Medicine Residents
Expertise Level: Novice
Course Leaders: Karen Dull, MD, Marisa Brett-Fleegler, MD


  • Goals:

1. Use simulation to allow EM residents to have hands-on experience managing critically ill children.
2. Allow residents to practice procedures on pediatric patients using pediatric equipment.
3. Educate emergency residents on core pediatric topics

  • Residents participate in the simulator program instead of their regularly scheduled weekly didactic session.
  • Residents have the opportunity to manage 4 simulated pediatric cases per session.
  • Facilitators provide feedback on performance immediately following the case. They will be given supplemental learning information to read following each session.  Residents will return yearly to complete a 3 year cycle of 12 core cases in total.


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