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Development and Pilot Implementation of a Simulation-based Communication Skills Assessment Program for Radiologists

Summary: No validated methods exist to assess radiologists’ communication skills, despite ACGME requirements that radiology trainees demonstrate documented proficiency in patient-related communication. We previously developed a communication skills workshop (“PERCS-Radiology”) that significantly improved radiology trainees’ self-reported comfort with difficult conversations but did not assess actual skills.1 As a collaboration of Boston Children’s Hospital’s Simulator Program, Institute for Professionalism and Ethical Practice, and Department of Radiology, this project will utilize videotaped enactments between radiology trainees and professional actor/patients to: 1) develop a simulation-based methodology for assessing radiologists’ communication skills; and 2) pilot the methodology to evaluate PERCS-Radiology’s effectiveness in improving those skills.
Team: Elaine C. Meyer, Beth Rider, Sarah Bixby, Michele Walters, Robert Lebowitz, Michael Callahan, Pam Varrin


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