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CICU Team Training CRM

Background: Since 2001, the CICU CRM course has brought together >120 native teams in native CICU environments to explore teamwork and communication on a large scale. One of the earliest courses among the Program, CICU CRM runs on a regular basis, animating actual patient cases, and involves full interdisciplinary teams across the expertise gradient.   Three course types are offered by theme/topic.

Format: 4-hour multidisciplinary team-training program
Includes: Introductions, Review of Principles, Game Play, Trigger Tapes, 3 Scenarios combined with structured Debriefing
Venue: In-situ
Frequency: Monthly
Participants: Physicians, nurses, RT, and allied healthcare who work in CICU.
Expertise Level: Trainee through Senior Level

Highlights/Objectives (3 Course Types by Topic):

(1) General Crisis resource management (CRM) principles

Event management

Role clarity


Personnel support

Situational Awareness

Evaluation of hospital systems and procedures

Latent safety threat identification and analysis

(2) CICU ECMO Team Training

Course utilizes a novel integrated ECMO cannulation skills trainer allowing for highly realistic simulation of technical aspects of the cannulation process, fully engaging surgical providers (both attending cardiothoracic surgeons and surgical trainees) in the interdisciplinary team training program.

CRM Principles applied to successful ECMO management

Team approach to ECMO Cannulation

Troubleshooting ECMO: Team Approach

(3) Conflict Resolution in the CICU

Professional Actors participate in roles of family members.

Developed to aid clinicians in supporting and interacting with families under stress during a crisis.

Developed in response to physician, nurse and respiratory therapy (RT) needs assessments.

Lecture elements include review of CRM as well as evidence-based strategies to working with stressed families during stressful situations in the CICU.


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