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Cardiology Fellowship Bootcamp Simulation

Background: In July 2014 the Cardiology Fellowship Program launched its first bootcamp for entering 1st year fellows. Most entering fellows have little exposure to subspecialty areas of cardiology in residency, yet our fellowship calls on them to jump right into environments such as the catheterization and echo labs, where they are often unfamiliar with both the medicine and technology.  Our initial bootcamp used didactics and hands on small group teaching sessions to introduce core concepts in electrophysiology, exercise physiology, and hemodynamic assessment.  Feedback from the first bootcamp suggested that hands on procedural training was perceived as a gap in the bootcamp experience.  Thus, we would like to incorporate some key procedural training via simulation, including central venous and arterial line access, basic echocardiography, basic airway management, and event management training.

Format: 2- 4 hour sessions; skills and scenario based simulations

Venue: SIM-ICU or SIM-UB

Frequency: Multiple sessions when 1st year fellows begin

Participants: First year fellows participating in cardiology fellowship Bootcamp

Course Leaders: Catherine Allan, MD

Highlights/ Objectives:

1)Understand and demonstrate appropriate technique for femoral arterial and venous line placement, including use of aseptic technique, Seldinger technique, appropriate identification of landmarks

2)Demonstrate effective bag mask ventilation on infant and adult mannequin, use of airway adjuncts.

3)Demonstrate appropriate management of hemodynamics during induction and intubation; recognize hemodynamic states that represent high risk for airway management

4)Demonstrate image acquisition of major echocardiographic views using echo simulator

5)Demonstrate key leadership skills during management of crisis events




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