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Cardiovascular/Critical Care (CVCC) New Graduate Nursing

Background: In this curriculum, new nursing graduates beginning the CVCC Program are exposed to basic airway management skills for both intubated and extubated patients.  The CVCC Merged New Graduate Nursing Curriculum begins to build a foundation of clinical nursing skills required in the intensive care environment.  Learners practice in a safe and supported environment, far from patient harm.

Format: 2 Hours

Venue: ICU Based Simulation Suite

Participants:New graduate nurses beginning the CVCC Program

Expertise Level: Novice

Course Leaders: Lauren Danforth, RN BSN CCRN, Annette Imprescia RN BSN CCRN, Patricia Meehan RN BSN CCRN


  • Learners identify appropriate equipment needed to perform bag mask ventilation and endotracheal tube ventilation for various patient populations.
  • Participants demonstrate appropriate techniques of ventilation via anesthesia bag and evaluate their ability to perform manual ventilation.
  • Learner demonstrates adequate endotracheal tube suctioning.


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