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CICU CRRT Advanced Skills Simulation Training

Background: The CICU nursing education group has provided a detailed overview of the Prismaflex dialysis circuit utilized for Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) in our fragile CICU population annually through mandatory staff education and an on-line CRRT review module.  Through these two methods we provide a thorough review of the machine’s capabilities, however, translation to practice is difficult.  There is strong evidence across disciplines supporting the efficacy of utilizing high-fidelity simulation when educating staff about low volume-high risk procedures.  “Students value experiential “practice without risk” and want more exposure to simulation” (Takayesu et. al, 2006). Donoghue et al (2009) states that the use of high-fidelity simulation in medicine has been suggested to be a useful teaching tool for infrequent clinical situations that are critical in nature and require maintenance of high level skill and preparedness. Learners often have difficulty applying information learned in a didactic session alone without hands on application particularly when the ability to practice in real time is limited.  CRRT is considered a low volume / high risk procedure with potential for serious complications if theory and practice skill are not retained.  It has been our experience that having the ability to practice key management strategies in a realistic hi-fidelity has been conducive to skill retention and increased comfort in practice.

Format: 1 hour skills session
Venue: ICU-based Simulation Suite (ICUSIM)
Frequency: 2-3 times per year
Participants: CICU RNs with 1 year experience minimum
Expertise Level: Novice
Course Leaders: Annette Impresica, RN, Chris Rachwal, RN, Patricia Lincoln, RN


  1. Develop skill base related to stabilization and management of child receiving CRRT  therapy
  2. Develop skill base related to troubleshooting alarms of the Prismaflex circuit
  3. Develop skill base related to problem solving and patient intervention related to Prismaflex system failure .


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