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CRC Informed Consent Simulation

Background: Prior to this course, there was no formalized education for research coordinators and other consenters on best practices for obtaining research consent in the critical care setting. While consenters often have a good understanding of the legal and ethical requirements for informed consent, they are often unprepared to interact with patients and families in the critical care environment. This course was designed to simulate the busy and noisy environment common in the ED, ICU and operating rooms, with standardized patients who model the distraction and anxiety often exhibited by parents/families in these settings. This course is modeled on a consent simulation curriculum designed at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for the HALF-PINT study. It will be adapted to provide a more general approach that touches on difficult issues common to most ED and ICU based clinical trials.

Format: 90 minute course, beginning with a didactic and short video and ending with a group discussion and conclusion. Within the 90 minutes there will be three simulated encounters where consent is given with a debrief after.

Venue: Unit based sim lab

Frequency: 2-3 times per year

Participants: 3-6 consenters per course. Consenters will be currently employed research coordinators working in the critical care setting.

Expertise Level:  All

Course Leaders: Lise Nigrovic and Jamin Alexander


  • To learn the best way to approach patients and care-givers in the critical care setting
  • To appropriately manage patient and caregiver concerns as well as perform active listening
  • To provide feedback to peers who observe the informed consent process


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