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ED Trauma Bay (Rm 52) Environmental Testing

Background: The resuscitation room is an integral part of the emergency department (ED), and is a space unique to the Ed, compared to other areas of the hospital. It is a specifically designed space with the objective of resuscitating the most critically ill and injured patients. As a result, specifics equipment and space is required to allow for the best medical care with optimal efficiency for patient care and patient safety. The emergency department is in the final stages of renovating the two bed trauma resuscitation room (room 52). In preparation for the opening of this clinically important space, we would like to conduct a facilities simulation to determine any needs and challenges related to patient care in using this space. We recently opened a medical resuscitation space after renovation and encountered significant barriers during the initial weeks of use due to the difficulty with the novel room set-up. We are hoping to anticipate these issues prior to the opening of our trauma resuscitation space. In addition, we would like to test the equipment storage system (Par-X), which is new to the department, for ease of use and efficiency in finding items. We are planning to conduct two “low-fidelity” simulations of the space to further prepare for use of the space.

Format: 2 hours

Venue: ED RM 52

Frequency: As needed

Participants: Pediatric emergency medicine attendings, pediatric emergency medicine fellows, nurses, PSA staff, clinical assistants, pharmacists, facilities personnel

Expertise Level: Intermediate

Course Leaders: Rachel Rempell, MD, Michele Morin, RN, Catherine Allan, MD


  • Test RM 52 for efficiency of use as related to patient care and safety
  • Determine any barriers and challenges to using the room for patient care as it is currently set up
  • Test the current environment for patient use in terms of the installed equipment (e.g. boom with monitor, oxygen outlet, suction outlet, lab label printer)
  • Test the current set up for ease of finding needed supplies and equipment and determine any delays/barriers for completing necessary tasks for patient care (e.g. airway equipment for intubation/airway management, defibrillator machine, chest tube set up, CVL set up)
  • Test the current space for movement/placement of personnel, including physicians, nurses, clinical assistants, pharmacists, and administrative staff as well as the patient and family
  • Determine need for any supplies that may need to be in the room, or may not need to be placed in the room, to optimize efficiency related to patient care


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