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Emergency Medicine Attending Simulation

Background: After receiving positive feedback from 48 faculty who participated in three different team resuscitations that were high signal, low noise in 2013-2014 this course was restructured to include a pertinent critical care procedure. Based on a needs assessment, the emergency medicine department identified thoracotomy tube placement as the most infrequent critical care procedure performed, and the procedure associated with the most complications. In turn, they developed a faculty development course combining simulation of resuscitation cases with a procedure lab. During this course the procedure lab will offer supervised performance, feedback and instruction in thoracotomy tube placement, securement, and troubleshooting.

SIMTrainFormat: 4 hour session. 3 faculty will participate in sim cases for 2 hours, while the other group of 3 will participate in a procedural lab, then the groups will switch

Venue: Procedural Lab will take place in the OR sim while the resuscitation cases will occur in UB Sim lab

Frequency: Monthly

Participants: 54 Pediatric Emergency Medicine faculty

Expertise Level: Expert

Course Leaders: Richard Bachur, Joshua Nagler, Karen Dull, Cathy Perron, Terri Becker, Kyle Nelson, Lois Lee, Rachel Gallagher


  • Provide feedback/debriefing of key clinical decision points for each case relating to knowledge/skills, critical delays or errors
  • Review any protocol driven or system process actions that impact the efficiency/timeliness of care
  • Identify any knowledge/cognitive and system-based gaps requiring individual or generalized re-education
  • Review, practice, and assess thoracostomy tube placement, with individual feedback based on pre-determined proficiency criteria


Josh Nagler
Karen Dull
Kyle Nelson
Theresa Becker
Rachel Gallagher
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