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Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Course

Description: Training related to management of acutely ill and injured patients can be challenging. Critically ill patients (fortunately) make up a small minority of patients presenting to the emergency department. The primary focus for these patients is acute resuscitation and management. The relative infrequently of presentation as well as the varied case mix that may present over a given shift or the course of training means that all fellows may not have opportunities to care for patients with important life threatening diagnoses.   The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow Curriculum is designed to provide fellows of all levels opportunities to review approaches to patient presentations and key critical diagnoses. The curriculum has been in place for more than 10 years, and provides opportunities for fellows to focus on medical management, procedural skills, effective communication, and team leadership techniques in a safe environment amongst their peers.

Format: 4 hrs.

Venue: Unit Based Simulation Suite

Frequency: Monthly

Participants: 3 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellows

Expertise Level: Intermediate

Course Leaders: Joshua Nagler, MD, MPHE   Richard Bachur, MD


  • Progressive responsibilities within the curriculum allow for effective transitions into new responsibilities by fellowship year.
  • Cases are selected from actual patient encounters which allows for interpretation of authentic data allowing realistic medical decision making situations.
  • Critical procedure training is integrated into simulated patient experiences, capturing opportunities to learn techniques within a realistic context



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