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Emergency Medicine High Signal Curriculum

Background:  The majority of pediatric emergency medicine patients are cared for in general emergency medicine departments.  However, emergency medicine residents have limited exposure to pediatric cases during their training.  Depending on when their rotations are during the year, they may miss the opportunity to care for common pediatric medical problems such as croup or bronchiolitis.  Additionally, the emergency medicine residents have limited exposure to caring for critically ill children during their rotations.  The purpose of this course it to help supplement and reinfroce their overall pediatric emergency medicine rotation education with high fidelity case based learning.

Venue: In Situ Simulation in the ED

Frequency: Approx 36 times per year (3 times per month)

Participants: Majority will be emergency medicine interns, occasionally may have medical students and 3rd year residents

Expertise level: Novice

Course leaders: Joyce Li MD MPH, Joshua Nagler MD


1) Use simulation to facilitate case based learning of common a pediatric medical problems

2) Reinforce basics of pediatric assessment and identifying acute and critically ill children

3) Reinforce/Teach basic treatment modalities for common pediatric medical problems

4) Allow residents the opportunity to practice basic procedures including basic airway management (e.g. BMV) and  vascular access (including IO placement)


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