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Network Simulation Program

Summary: The SIMPeds SIM Network division is reaching beyond walls to connect Boston Children’s Hospital to healthcare providers working with us in the community setting.  The first stages of this program includes reaching out to 9 BCH Network Hospitals in our community.  Karen Gruskin, Elizabeth Doherty, Terri Becker, Jeff Rosebach with support from the BCHSP are leading the Network Simulation Program.  They launched the Network Simulation Program with a “kick-off” in June 2013 and are now well-underway with the completion of 8 Boot Camps geared towards physicians in Emergency Medicine, Pediatric Hospitalist Medicine, and Newborn Medicine practicing at our affiliate community hospitals.  June 2014 marks the next phase of the program as 36 BCH Network Providers including nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians will undergo Instructor Training to become facilitators to start the process of providing in-situ simulation training at each Network Hospital.  By cascading “know how” throughout the community and by developing sustainable simulation activities to occur on-site to support partnering institutions, BCH is able to raise the level of Network training with the ultimate goal to improve patient safety and care.


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