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High Signal Course for Facilitators

Background: Developed to meet the diverse training needs of our SIM facilitators, the High Signal SIM instructor course training (HSC) was designed to cover trainings within the curriculum zones 0-2 environment.  For those teaching mock codes, orientation, skills training, clinical competency and boot camps, this highly practice-based course primarily focuses on
  • How to choose and build the best format that fits chosen method of instruction
  • How to debrief in multiple settings
  • Promising practices, strategies, and pitfalls to avoid
Our SIM facilitator pool of busy clinicians benefit from the latest in instructional design and educational technology by combining a “flipped classroom” approach, blended learning instruction, and a hybrid teaching model.  Course participants receive the experience of a full day course through an asynchronous pre-course module that focuses on creating learning objectives and building the best sessions that sync with a 5-hour live course.  Our unique approach to the standard “train-the-trainer” is highly interactive with a strong emphasis on modeling, immediate feedback, scaffolding, and multiple deliberate practice opportunities

Format: Pre-course online learning module, 5 hour live course

Frequency: Varies

Participants: All levels welcomed

Course Leaders: Parson Hicks, EdM, MT, Peter Weinstock, MD, PhD, Parson Hicks, EdM, MT, José M Quintilla, Carmen de la Gala Otero

Highlights: blended learning, hybrid teaching, “flipped classroom”, practice-based, highly interactive


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