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Intermediate Care Program (ICP) Mock Code Curriculum

Background: The ICP residents and nurses practice teamwork and clinical skills during structured ICP Mock Code experiences.  Each session begins with a brief didactic around management of respiratory or cardiac decompensation before the team engages in a simulation experience modeled after a real clinical case.  Before closing, learners actively debrief to reflect on areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.  The ICP Mock Codes provide occasions for deliberative practice of clinical skills and teamwork in the native setting of the ICP.

Format: 1 hour

Venue: MICU/11s bedspace (in-situ)

Frequency: 13 times per year

Participants: Residents and Nurses

Expertise Level: Novice

Course Leaders: Debra Hillier, MD, Denise Anderson, NP


  • Learners practice basic medical management of acute respiratory and cardiac decompensation.
  • Participants work as part of a multidisciplinary team as first responders to an acute event in the ICP.


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