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LAPSIM Gynecology

Background: The course is designed to teach basic laparoscopy skills to PGY 2 gynecology residents using a virtual reality simulator.  The course will provide an opportunity to assess proficiency of the residents in these skills and allow identification of residents requiring remediation.

Format: Scheduled on an as needed basis by residents, Residents will practice basic laparoscopy skills at least 2 hours per week using the LAPSIM surgical simulator.

Venue: OR Sim Lab

Frequency: 11 times throughout the year

Expertise Level: Novice

Course leaders: Joan Bengtson,MD, Marc Laufer, MD


1. Improve hand-eye coordination in use of laparoscopic camera and instruments

2. Improve accuracy and efficiency in grasping and moving objects using laparoscopic instruments

3. Improve accuracy and efficiency in cutting using laparoscopic instruments

4. Achieve proficiency in simulated performance of fallopian tubal ligation using a virtual reality simulatior


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