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Lumbar Puncture Skills

Background: Lumbar puncture is a procedure done on a daily basis in neurosurgery. We believe that a simulation mannequin based course may provide us with the ability to train medical students, residents, and nurse practitioners using the proper technique in a safe environment prior to their work in a clinical environment. Additionally, the course will offer a learning opportunity to those in this group who  may not otherwise have the opportunity to perform this procedure.

Format: Participants will be requested to review preparatory videos (see below for links to videos) and materials prior to the skills session. The session will begin with a 10 minute video on the lumbar puncture technique, followed by a practice session on the mannequins with observation and feedback. The total length of the course will be an hour and fifteen minutes.

Frequency: Monthly

Participants: Neurosurgical Residents, Nurse Practitioners, and Medical Students

Course Leaders: Alan Cohen, MD, Roberta Rehder, MD, Marisa Brett-Fleegler, MD


  1. Lumbar puncture simulation
    1. Indications/contraindications
    2. Patient preparation and positioning (options)
    3. Anatomy/Recognizing the external entry site for LP (lumbar interspaces/ iliac crest)
    4. LP technique (including aseptic technique, needle insertion and fluid removal)

Videos to watch before simulation:




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