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Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship Bootcamp and Summer Series

Background: Neonatology is a procedural-based subspecialty in pediatrics that requires timely evaluation and management in high-risk deliveries and in the intensive care setting. Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
(NPM) fellowship training focuses on:

  1. Increasing skill in medical decision-making
  2. Gaining proficiency in procedures frequently performed on neonates
  3. Developing leadership skills by supervising residents/medical students, and
  4. Increasing skills as a communicator by interacting with parents, consultant physicians, and other members of the health care team.

As the fellow gains confidence and knowledge, she/he is given more responsibility and autonomy. The transition to NPMfellowship from residency can be daunting given the expectations in this new role. Simulation education can help to bridge that gap by providing an effective approach to reinforcing cognitive, technical, and behavioral skills as well as leveraging leadership and team performance. Simulation can benefit incoming trainees with varying clinical exposures by providing an opportunity to improve decision-making, to recognize indications for a given procedure, and to practice necessary procedural skills.

We believe that incorporating simulation-based training during the orientation of first year fellows as well as throughout their curriculum training will help instill psychological safety. The safe and supportive environment created in simulation-based training will positively affect learning behavior in the team setting.

The proposed Bootcamp and Summer Simulation Series will include: 1) procedural skillsand 2) mock codes focused on delivery room resuscitation, critical events in the NICU, and Neonatal Codes outside of the NICU or L&D (i.e. in WBN or ER). We anticipate a solid foundation of simulation training for building medical knowledge, resuscitation technique, and teamwork collaboration.

Format: One half-day for Bootcamp course (focused on procedural skills); and one-hour mock codes (will begin in the summer and be integrated in the fellowship curriculum)

Venue: SIM-ICU

Frequency: Once a month with ongoing simulation incorporated into the fellowship curriculum

Participants: First year NPM fellows (for Bootcamp); All years combined for simulation mock code sessions

Course Leaders: Elizabeth G. Doherty, MD, Daphne C. Remy Gomes, MD, MPH, Tanzeema Hossain, MD, Christy Cummings, MD, Kristen Lindamood, NNP, Brian Walsh, MB, BCh, PhD, Lauren Ruoss, MD, Jeanne Carroll, MD, Ashley Kellish, DNP, RN, CCNS

Highlights/ Objectives:

  • To introduce cognitive, procedural, and behavioral skills in the setting of simulation-based training that focuses on neonatal care
  • To introduce trainees to collaborative team training and to develop essential leadership skills to promote CRM principles
  • To foster a culture of psychological safety for participants in simulation-based training to optimize learning
  • To introduce self-reflection and debriefing to explore ways to improve both individual competency/efficacy and team performance


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