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ORL 3D Prints for CRM and Surgical Skills Applications

Background: Use of 3D printing in ORL simulation has thus far been minimal. It is therefore a wide-open field for constructing airways (pharyngeal, laryngeal, tracheal), sinuses and temporal bones. These printed specimens may then serve to improve current simulators and on-going simulation in CRM training. These specimens may also enable both general surgical skill development and individual patient simulations prior to actual surgery. Up until now, the availability of cadaveric pediatric sinus and temporal bones specimens for surgical have been non-existent. The ability to create pediatric specimens will be of great benefit to those who are teaching and learning pediatric sinus and otologic techniques.

Project Leaders: Mark Volk, MD, Dennis Poe, MD, Sanjay Prabhu, MBBS, FRCR, Cory Resnick, MD,DMD, Craig McClain, MD


Crisis Resource Management

  1. Use 3D printed specimens to enhance the realism and challenge of ORL and Anesthesia CRM courses.

Surgical Skills Training

  1. Develop an ORL surgical skills lab within the BCHSP surgical skills area.
  2. Provide “stock” sinuses and temporal bones for residents and fellows to use in the surgical skills lab at BCH.
  3. Print up individual sinuses and temporal bones of difficult cases to allow attendings and house staff to practice prior to the actual procedures.
  4. Until now course in pediatric sinus surgery and otology have been very limited because of the lack of operative specimens. Three dimensional printing will be a source of pediatric sinus and temporal bones allowing the emergence of pediatric specific courses in sinus surgery and otology. These courses could be given under the auspices of BCH. In addition,  the specimens could be made available for purchase to other centers that are interested in producing such course(s) in the future.


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