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Background: Our PACU had a long history of using scenarios and simulation to teach principles of Crisis Resource Management. Feedback from these sessions coupled with recognition of a lack of proficiency with low frequency/high risk procedures prompted PACU nursing leaders to revise our simulation program to include a focus on theory and competency skill training.

Format: 2 hour sessions which include didactic theory presentation, skill station and scenarios with debriefing

Venue: PACU (in-situ)

Participants: PACU nurses

Expertise Level: Novice to Expert

Course Leaders:Dawn Brundage RN, Rebecca Lekowski RN, John Carr RN, Bernie Perham RN, Andrea Finn RN and Neeta Mehta RN


  • Focus on high signal simulation training which removes background noise and complex scenario, allowing nurses to focus on skill and theory development
  • First topic for annual review was ETCO2
  • Groups of 3-4 nurses for each session
  • Session begins with a 30 minute didactic review of theory followed by a skill station to practice with equipment
  • 2 scenarios with building complexity allow nurses to build on theory and skill and put into practice
  • Nursing focused teaching with pause and redirect in session to allow staff to learn in the moment
  • Guided debriefing after each scenario allows participants to “put it all together” and reflect on what went well/what could have been done better and further discuss medical management


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