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Pediatric Critical Care Curriculum: PCCM

Background:  PCCM is a simulation-enhanced critical care curriculum that achieves education in all ACGME clinical competencies in an integrated fashion.  Residents and fellows have unique opportunities to practice team oriented patient care within the highly authentic environment of the simulator. The monthly curriculum is built within a thematic framework, where learners experience didactic lectures followed by hands-on simulations to build skills around a dedicated topic: Airway, Breathing, Circulation and Neurology.  The PCCM curriculum consists of six hands on sessions including Airway, Ventilator, Sedation, Shock, Traumatic Brain Injury and Mock Code.  There are also two skills sessions, Central Venous Line (CVL) and Defibrillation.

Format: 1 hour

Venue: ICU Based Simulation Suite

Frequency: 8 sessions, each runs 1 time per month

Participants: 1st and 2nd year MSICU fellows, residents

Expertise Level: Novice/Intermediate

Course Leaders: Robert Pascucci, MD, Monica Kleinman, MD, Traci Wolbrink, MD, Meredith van der Velden, MD, Kate Madden, MD and current 3rd year MSICU fellows


  • Simulated scenarios are based on real MSICU cases.
  • Scenarios involve patients that require ongoing critical care and decision-making; therefore CRM principles are in play where appropriate, but are not emphasized.
  • “Pause Principle” teaching is used to educate, clarify and evaluate in real time.


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