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Peripheral IV Training

Background: This course was designed to teach Residents in the Boston Combined Residency Program at Boston Children’s Hospital PIV placement. There is a lack of formal curriculum for teaching residents PIV placement in the (BCRP), and as a result residents lack competency placing PIVs. A former BCRP chief resident Michael Gaies studied the effect of a simulated PIV module on improving resident competency placing PIVs. His study found that the simulated module improved competency in a significant way but that on follow-up competency declined without repeat exposure and practice.

Format: One hour per session ICU SIM

Frequency: Regular Basis

Participants: 10 BCRP interns per session

Expertise Level: Novice

Course Leaders: Catherine Distler, MD


Improve residents’ PIV placement exposure and skills through a longitudinal curriculum that combines simulated training sessions and real-life clinical applications

Answer two research questions that have not yet been well addressed in the literature:

  1. Does a longitudinal curriculum improve retention of competency compared to a single educational session?
  2. How does procedural training compare when using either a simulation-only model vs combining simulation plus real-life clinical experiences? (i.e., can we rely on simulation alone?)


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