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Pulmonary Medicine Fellow Bootcamp

Background: The Pediatric Pulmonary Fellow Boot Camp includes mixed-modalities tailored to specific learning. Each course includes introductions, icebreakers, didactics, partial task training and full-scale high fidelity simulation.  Scenarios include professional actors to provide realistic patient and family interactions.

Format: 4 hours
Venue: ICU-based Simulation Suite (ICU-Sim)
Frequency: 3 times per year
Participants: Fellows working in the Pulmonary Division
Expertise Level: Intermediate
Course Leaders: Debra Boyer, MD, Dennis Rosen, MD, Craig Lellehei, MD


  • Skills training include; chest tube placement, flexible bronchoscopy, complication management, respiratory failure in the cystic fibrosis patient, and team responses to acute medical crises.
  • Patient and family training include practice and feedback around difficult interactions during crisis times.



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