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Background: Since becoming a 24-7 presence on the inpatient surgical floor, general surgical nurse practitioner’s have become the likely first provider to arrive at code blue events that arise on the 10th floor. Currently, there is no educational system in place that addresses the important issue of crisis resource management that may streamline emergency transfers and/or stabilization of critical situations until further help arrives. Representatives from the inpatient surgical nursing education department, the general surgical NP cohort, and the BCH SimProgram collaboratively developed a curriculum to address this need.

Format: 2hr session including Didactic module with 2 subsequent simulations followed by a structured debriefing after each scenario

Venue: Unit Based Simulation Suite

Frequency: Weekly

Participants: General Surgery NP, 10 South Staff Nursing

Expertise Level: Senior Level

Course Leaders: Marilyn Moonan RN, Shelly Pignataro RN, Ethan Schuler NP



  • To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a complex first response team to maximize patient outcomes in the inpatient setting with regard to code situations, via these individual objectives:
  • Enhance interpersonal communication skills and teamwork of a complex response team to include both staff nursing and the inpatient nurse practitioners as the target audience.
  • Fill the learning gap in the area of event management to increase organizational awareness and confidence of the surgical nurse practitioner to become an effective event manager.
  • Reinforce staff nursing’s knowledge of the responsibilities of the event manager to enhance expectations of the role and to better facilitate action during a code situation.


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