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Background: The Transport CRM curriculum improves patient safety by enhancing communication and cultivating teamwork for this multidisciplinary team.  Established in 2005, the Transport CRM course addresses the challenge of providing care to critically ill children off-campus at an outside hospital or in a mobile environment during inter-facility transport.  Because of the complexity of the patient condition, the degree of highly specialized medical management required, and the lack of resources available during inter-facility transport, experiential learning with hands-on application aids in the synthesis of this complex information for learners.

Format: 3 hours

Venue: ICU based simulation suite or ambulance (in-situ)

Frequency: 6 times per year

Participants:2 teams each consisting of:  2 Transport RNs and 1 Transport Paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician.

Course Leaders: Christine Fannon, RN, Robert Shields, RN, MSN, Bethany Furlong, RN


  • This multidisciplinary team is confronted with clinical crises that challenge their critical thinking, decision making and clinical skills.
  • Communication both within the transport team and with the outside hospital staff is emphasized.  Special focus is placed on joint decision-making, negotiation and compromise during that period at the outside hospital where both the Transport Team and the outside hospital “share” responsibility for patient care.
  • Post simulation debriefings provide learners with an opportunity to reflect on their practice by acknowledging their strengths, developing their critical thinking skills and promoting self-awareness.


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