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Transport ECMO

Background: Mobile ECMO is a new service offered by Boston CHildren’s Hospital that comes with both significant benefit and potential risk to the patient. The MECMO team consists of the Critical Care Transport Team (RN’s, paramedics, EMTs), ICU physicians (CICU/MSICU), and ECMO specialists. All parties have extensive experience with simulation within their respective specialties. Both the ICU physicians and ECMO specialists are well versed in management of in-house use of ECMO therapy, however, the Transport Team has limited experience with this therapy. The purpose of this course is for participants to function as a team and to engage in the critical conversations necessary for safe management and transport of their patient.

Format: 4 hours

Venue: Ambulance/stretcher/ICU Sim lab

Frequency: 6 sessions Sept 2014-Feb 2015

Participants: 6 participants: 3 Transport Team members (2 RNs and 1 paramedic or EMT), 2 ECMO specialists, 1 ICU fellow or attending

Expertise Level: Expert and novice practitioners

Course Leaders: Monica Kleinman, MD, Pamela Hall, RN, Christine Fannon, RN, Catherine Allan, MD


  • Identify individual team  member roles and responsibilities during MECMO transport
  • Improve communication and teamwork
  • Identify resources, both anticipated and unanticipated, necessary for Mobile ECMO
  • Synthesize the individual components of each specialty role into one cohesive unit


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