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Trauma Team Training CRM

Background: Since 2007,  Trauma CRM program is an interdisciplinary team-training program that was collaboratively developed  and is co-led by providers from the Trauma program within the Department of Surgery, and the Division of Emergency Medicine.


Format: 2-hour multidisciplinary team-training program



Review of Principles

Game Play

Review of participant experiences

2 Scenarios combined with facilitated debriefing

Venue: Emergency Department (In-situ)
Frequency: Monthly

Participants: Physicians, nurses, and allied health workers who work in the Emergency Department and Trauma Program.

Expertise Level: Senior Level

Course Leaders: Marisa Brett-Fleegler, MD, David Mooney, MD, Richard Bachur, MD, Josh Nagler, MD, Catherine Allan, MD, Michele Morin, RN, Maria McMahon, RN, Denise Downey, RN,  Shannon Manzi, PharmD


Objectives (3 Course Types by Topic):

  • The program promotes the principles of crisis resource management in the service of team-training, enhancing provider communication, and promoting patient safety.

  • It also addresses system issues and aims to identify latent safety threats.

  • It is thus structured with a review of CRM principles, a discussion of participants’ real-life experiences, and is then followed by a series of two trauma scenarios and facilitated debriefing.


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