About Florence

SIMPeds is proud to be partnering with SIMMeyer, the Simulation Program at Meyer Children’s Hospital in Florence. Meyer Children’s Hospital is one of the most ancient children’s hospitals in Italy, currently specializing in scientific research.

The partnership between Boston Children’s Hospital and Meyer Children’s Hospital began in 2007. Throughout the partnership, Dr. Peter Weinstock has traveled to Florence to train our faculty to delivery simulation.

Now, the Meyer Simulation Program regularly organizes “in situ” simulation courses using high fidelity mannequins, and the scenarios are developed in the same spaces where the daily work is done. The participants are members of the hospital staff, doctors and nurses who believe in the value of simulation as a fundamental part of their continuing education. Evidence proves that “in situ” simulation has improved the performance of the staff, patient safety and the security of the location itself.

After many years of experience, Meyer’s instructors have become trainers of instructors for other Hospitals in the Tuscan Region. Their goal is to improve the quality of patient care through simulation. Meyer’s Hospital has developed a Network of hospitals in which they have uniformed operating methods, clinical procedures, and team work.