Simulation Training Spreading to Community Hospitals

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Almost as real as real: Simulations, mannequins and medical training

By Tom Ulrich
December 22, 2011

For 15 years, the Simulation Program at Boston Children’s Hospital has honed the concept of scenario-based simulation training in medicine. Through a recently launched initiative called SIM Network, the program is now taking the lessons it’s learned on the road, developing and offering more than 50 courses at nine community hospitals across eastern Massachusetts.

The overarching goal of the Simulation Program (also called SIMPeds) is to provide medical teams—physicians, nurses, technicians, pharmacists, etc.—the opportunity to practice and improve their skills in an environment that allows people to learn without risking patient harm.

SIM Network takes those same ideals and brings Boston Children’s best practices directly into the community.

“Medicine is one of the few high-risk industries where people do not practice prior to game time,” says Peter Weinstock, MD, PhD, a pediatric intensivist and director of SIMPeds. “Additionally, in pediatrics it’s a question of opportunities. Children are generally healthy, and there are few places that see a lot of children, especially those with rare conditions or who are severely ill.”

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