SIM-OR: Operating Room Procedural Skills Center

SIM OR Operating Room Procedural Skills Center DSC_2639


The Operating Room Procedural Skills Center was designed to be transformable to meet the needs of a variety of learning methods. Lab benches can be flipped up for hands-on practice with physical training models, or flipped down to make room for Virtual Reality simulators, and even team training activities.

Our built in versatile A/V system allows for video capture of several adjustable camera angles, high quality audio, as well as outputs from a variety of simulators and medical equipment. Individual SIM Stations are configured so that while a learner trains on our simulators, we can capture data from the simulated activity alongside video for assessing human factors.

This space also includes a fully functional head wall complete with patient monitor, medical gasses, and surgical lights.  The proximity of the skills center to the operating rooms makes it a game-changing asset for busy surgical staff members of all specialties and levels of expertise.