SIM-UB: Unit Based Simulator Suite



The Unit-based Simulator Suite was designed as an exact replica of a ward patient care space in Boston Children’s Hospital.  The head wall contains the same configuration of patient monitor and medical gasses, med drawer and patient/family cabinet found in bed spaces throughout the hospital. Simulation equipment is discretely incorporated into the space to create a high-fidelity simulation experience.

In order to optimize the space in this Sim Suite, a noise-reducing curtain can be pulled to split the room into two parts – a patient care space and a debriefing space. This allows groups to debrief immediately following their scenario, while a Sim Specialist discretely sets up for the next scenario.  With the curtain opened, the large space is flexible enough to be set up for skills stations or boot-camp style training.

The SIM-UB Suite also has an attached control room where all of the A/V and simulator control equipment is kept. Simulations can be recorded and immediately displayed for review on a large LCD screen in the debrief area.