‘High Signal’ SIM Instructor Training

A 1-day course combining asynchronous e-learning module with a 5-hour in person live-practice instruction.

The practice-based course for learning to teach simulation in a “high signal” environment focuses on 1. creating specific learning objectives with measurable outcomes, 2. building scenarios and skills sessions that prompt key learning objectives, 3. using clear communication with the simulator technical specialists to optimize experience and 4. choosing the appropriate debriefing strategy based on learning expertise, type of session, objectives, and time allotted.

Scaling the teaching model to meet the diverse needs of each unit

Live Course Objectives

1. How to choose and build the best format that fits your chosen method of instruction,

2. How to deliver created learning objectives that support successful sessions, and

3. How to debrief sessions in a high-signal teaching environment.

Resident HSC Sample Edit


— Create materials that are ready-to-go for next “high-signal” session

— Receive feedback on created materials

— Practice running simulation in “high signal” environment during course

— Receive feedback on running simulation

— Please contact Matthew Taylor for further information

Low Impact–high facilitator involvement instruction is an art in and of itself.