3-Day Foundations of Simulation Instructors Course

The Instructors Course is Now Virtual!

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June 2 – June 4, 2021 (Virtual): Register


To master the art of simulation, one should have a broad exposure to debriefing a variety of curricular across the longitudinal learning pathway as well as expertise gradients.


Please join us for our 3-day Foundations of Simulation Instructors Course, delivered virtually! This interactive experience is designed to help you meet clinical and training needs via simulation and debriefing.

As always, this Program focuses on faculty development at its core of growth, quality and sustainability. The program trains individuals from BCH, nationally and internationally, in the art and science of simulation and debriefing as applied to pediatric and perinatal medicine.

To date, more than 750 international clinicians and educators have participated in the program’s multi-day pediatric simulation instructor and refresher courses. Workshops occur at Boston Children’s throughout the year and are delivered directly to institutions around the globe on a regular basis. The program has built ongoing partnerships with many pediatric teaching hospitals around the world, focused on the rapid launch of high quality simulation centers.

The course covers curriculum development, scenario design, adult learning theories, instruction on facilitated debriefing, and several interactive activities.  Those who complete the course are ready to develop, deliver and debrief (or partner to debrief) their own “Zone 3” simulation courses.  Zone 3 courses focus on team training, team and system development, and change/innovation.

The SIMPeds Comprehensive Instructors Training is a highly interactive virtual course delivered over three (3) days covering Pediatric Simulation from the ground up, including:
Step-by-step methodology & debriefing resources adapted to busy practitioners


— Comprehensive and interactive three day course covering major aspects of medical simulation.

— Bridges theory to application: Practical approach to rapid upstart of high quality simulation curricula.

— Interdisciplinary instructional training in medical simulation and debriefing for novice through expert faculty.

— Step-by-Step Methodologies adapted to busy practitioners.


— Crisis Resource Management (CRM)

— Adult Learning Theory applied to Simulation-based Education

— A Standardized Course Design/Implementation and Simulation Teaching Cycle

— Art and Science of Debriefing

— Broad Applications of Simulation Pedagogy for Academic Teaching Hospitals


— External registrants must be reviewed and approved prior to acceptance. Due to the intensity of interaction needed for simulation training, English proficiency is required.


       — $1,200 per person

       — Free for Boston Children’s Hospital Employees

                  — Please contact Matthew Taylor for the registration code and any further information.

A multi-day Comprehensive Instructor Training Workshop for Pediatric/Perinatal Simulation Faculty.