Zone 1: Clinical Competency Training

Clinical Competency Training

Zone 1  Clinical Competency TrainingDSC_3696

Clinical Competency training programs can be aimed at:

⇒ Orienting participants to new or rarely used skills,

⇒ Allowing participants opportunity to refresh skills related to high-risk, low frequency events with supported debriefing, and

⇒ The ability to break-down clinical decision making skills within safe environment


Courses often take the form of:

⇒ Short-form practice opportunities usually lasting between 2 to 3 hours giving each person “hands-on” opportunity to hone and refresh skills

⇒ These highly specialized training sessions also include:

Comprehensive, fast-paced practice opportunities that maximize limited time for busy practitioners.


Let’s Build the Course

⇒ Step 1: Submit proposal

⇒ Step 2: Request an initial meeting

⇒ Step 3: Perform a needs assessment

⇒ Step 4: Build your course

⇒ Step 5: Pilot your scenarios (Connect with assigned SIM Tech)

⇒ Step 6: Huddle prior to first course

⇒ Step 7: Launch your new course

⇒ Step 8: Review feedback and update accordingly


Some examples across the SIMPeds Community

⇒ ED Attending Faculty SIM

⇒ CICU RN Orientation

⇒ ICP Mock Codes

⇒ ED High Signal Mocks


Creating opportunities for practice swings.